What are the best work-from-home jobs? | FAQs

CAREER ADVICE   |   3 minutes  |   November 30, 2016

Thinking of starting a small business that allows you to work from home?

To find a gap in the work-from-home market, start by identifying a product or service that could support another business in running more efficiently.  A remote bookkeeper or graphic designer, for example.

Watch this short video in which Gareth Cotton, Head Tutor on the University of Cape Town Start and Manage a Small Business online short course, talks you through the best options for starting a business from the comfort of your own home.


The best work-from-home jobs are going to be the types of jobs and services which people have a defined need for and when I say people, in this case, it’s generally going to be businesses. So if you can come up with a product or a service which is going to support a business running their business better those are going to be the best work-from-home jobs. So for example, all businesses need their books looked after but very few business owners are very accounting strong so being a work-from-home bookkeeper or running a mobile bookkeeping service that could be a very popular and very easy system to set up. Another one could be something like graphic design. In today’s age people need to be able to stand out from the crowd so they need to have a different viewpoint, they need to be projecting their brand well so they are going to need some design help. This is not the kind of thing they are going to need a full-time employee for so it’s going to be a very good service that you can offer working from home.