Dec 05, 2016

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CEO Career advice, the leadership quote collection

Everyone likes a good inspirational quote, but the message can get old quickly especially when it comes to leadership or developing into a CEO.

This career conversation collection has some of the best advice from CEOs and executives on leadership, strategy, teamwork and essential skills. Quotes condense learning and experience into memorable bite-sized sentences. By themselves, they’re not much, but add a backstory, and they’re reminders of lessons worth remembering.

The greatest leaders convey their successful secrets through words which inspire their teams, as well as other leaders, to strive for more. Good CEOs are able to create a daring vision that keeps their company ahead of the competition with constant innovation of their leadership style and business approach, as well as an understanding of what inspires people and drives profits. They are also valuable mentors as they can partner with you on your career journey and share their skills, find out how to ask for one here.

Want to take ownership of your career development? Start by learning from reflective and intelligent people, and grow your understanding through their experiences.

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