How do I get a job in the Public Relations Industry? | FAQs

MARKETING   |   2 minutes  |   February 20, 2017

Interested in entering the public relations industry but are unsure of where to begin?

There are numerous career options available in the public relations field ranging from PR interns, PR assistants to Public Relations Managers and Directors, as the skills required in the industry are also beneficial in many other areas of business.

Apart from strong skills in communication, writing, and attention to detail, there are a couple of habits you should develop if you want to get a PR job. It’s also very important for you to think about your own personality and skills. Do you want to become a PR Technician or Strategist?

Technicians need to have good interpersonal, writing and speaking skills, while strategists should be able to come up with original ideas that are rooted in audience insights as well as take the practical elements into consideration. Bear in mind that entry-level jobs in the industry are usually more technical. As you gain experience, you’ll find that you’ll be able to draw increasingly on your knowledge to make strategic decisions.

In this short video, Rebecca Cronje, Head Tutor of the UCT Public Relations online short course, runs you through what it takes to get a job in public relations and how to succeed in the role once you land it.

Essentially, in order to break into the PR industry, you’ll have to develop a strong skill set, while also maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of current news, and being very solution-oriented. This approach is very different than the usual assumption that you just need to be good with people, or have a passion for organising events.

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Because of the increased skills set, to get a job in PR you must be able to communicate very clearly, have strong writing and excellent attention to detail. You must also be a news junkie – both on and offline, be creative and have the ability to come up with solutions to problems on your feet, be incredibly proactive, motivated and have a strong eye for what is “news” and shareable content. Simply being good with people or being able to organise an event are not enough to make it in today’s dynamic profession; you need grit, a nose for news and a sharp mind.