How to introduce a projectised approach

PROJECT MANAGEMENT   |   minute  |   December 5, 2016

Project management is arguably one of the hottest skill sets to have on your CV, across many industries. We received a great response to this webinar, which looked at how you can bring project management skills into your work – a clear sign of the widespread interest in developing skills in this area.

Career success is dependent on performance, in the long-term and day-to-day. Ensuring that every piece of work you manage is of the highest quality, delivered on time, and is communicated effectively will not only make you shine in the workplace, but will also make you a respected and valuable team member.

So, how do you outperform your peers or bridge that plateau that prevents you from taking your career to the next level?

Watch the following video of our webinar, where project manager, mentor and Course Instructor for the UCT Project management Foundations and UCT Advanced Project Management short course, Brent Combrink, discusses how introducing a projectised approach to your daily operations will aid you in career success.