Dec 05, 2016

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What are the key skills of a finance manager? | FAQs

If you want to take the lead in finance and secure a financial management job, you need to know what key skills to develop to become a Finance Manager. Wondering what these financial management skills are?

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In this short video, Gareth Cotten, Head Tutor of the UCT Basics of Financial Management online short course, explains how strength in both numeracy and analytics is essential, as well as a big picture view of your business if you want to make the most of the job opportunities available to you in financial management.

The most important skill for you if you are considering a career as a Finance Manager is numeracy. You need to be interested in and talented when it comes to numbers if you want to land a career as a Finance Manager or a Financial Planner. Then coupled with this, you also need to be analytically minded. Having an analytical brain with a gift for numeracy will help you work through the figures and results you have been given, make sense of them and then use them to make important deductions and decisions pertaining to the financial management of your organisations. This analysis will help you forecast happenings in the finance of your organisation and mitigate risks in the process. On top of these hard skills, you also need to be good at working and communicating with other people. As a Finance Manager, you’ll be tasked with communicating financial information to other teams.

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You want to be quite numerically strong. You also want to be quite analytically strong if you are going to be working through figures and results you may have been given. You also want to be able to forecast and communicate with other teams to be able to get as much information to get a big picture of the business all at one time.

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