Meet Lance Liu | Notable Achiever

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT   |   2 minutes  |   December 6, 2016

getsmarter notable achiever lance
In recognition of students who stand out from the crowd, GetSmarter’s Notable Achievers campaign highlights a top-performing student each week.

Lance was chosen by our Student Success Team for demonstrating a sound understanding of the UCT Operations Management online short course curriculum and for producing an excellent assignment.

Why did you decide to take the UCT online short course with GetSmarter?

UCT is one of the top Universities in South Africa, trustworthy and reliable. UCT is an eye-catching brand and I wanted to take the course for self-improvement.

What were your concerns before enrolling on the UCT Operations Management course?

The first time I enrolled my concern was if I could fit in this programme, and get used to it.

What aspects are you enjoying about learning online with GetSmarter?

Valuable information and technology, with nice coaching on a reasonable schedule.

How do you plan to use the skills you learnt on this course in your career?

I will implement new knowledge or technologies into practice, and see if better results could be delivered

What does it mean to you to earn a UCT certificate?

Completing this course was a vital personal achievement for me.  It increased my knowledge of Operational Management, and it’s a big benefit for my future career path.

Will you be displaying your certificate?

Yes, with pride.

Our Student Success Team identified you as being an outstanding student. Why do you think you are a Notable Achiever and what advice can you give to others looking to do this course?

As a non-English speaker, full-time employee and first-time online student in such a programme, I am proud of what I have achieved but I will keep trying harder as there is still room for improvement.

The UCT Operations Management online short course, truly provides practical knowledge, technology, and insights, in both production and services. It will surely benefit you immediately, and in the future by increasing your personal output capability.

The more you study the more value you get. What are you still waiting for?  Register and enroll today!

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