Dec 05, 2016

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The skills needed to become a wedding planner | FAQs

When it comes to wedding planning, you need a well-rounded skill set in order to be successful. A love for events management is not enough to make you stand out in the wedding planning industry.

Event planning and management is a very competitive field, and prospective events managers require a unique combination of skills and qualities in order to succeed.

Some of these skills come naturally, but others are acquired by formal training. These skills include financial management, project management and effective people management and are essential to plan and execute an event successfully.

In this short video, Mandy Mulder, Head Tutor on the UCT Events Management online short course and experienced events manager, gives insight into the key skills needed to begin a successful career as a wedding planner.

An events manager must have excellent organisational skills. You need to be able to demonstrate proper record keeping and good time management, as it is often necessary to juggle a number of tasks. Recognised knowledge of project management and having a strong network will also help you achieve more.

 To make your dream of becoming a wedding planner a reality, you need to start by learning the skills.

Learn how the UCT Events Management online short course will help you launch your wedding planning career.




A wedding planner needs to love working with people, they need to be bubbly and friendly, but also professional. Strong organisational and time management skills are a prerequisite as is the ability to think on your feet and multitask. Wedding planners should have a creative side to them and be interested in design and décor trends and stay abreast of these at all times. They should be innovative and be able to think outside the box because being different is what will set you apart from the competition, especially in a competitive industry. Building relationships is also a vital skill to learn, be it with suppliers, venues or clients. Having good relationships will get you over the line very time. I think the key word is commitment – if you’re committed to the job at hand you’ll make it work.

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