The Project Manager’s Playbook

CAREER ADVICE, PROJECT MANAGEMENT   |   10+ minutes  |   January 27, 2017

As a project manager, you have the opportunity to bring success to every project your team tackles. By coordinating broader business strategy, initiating, planning, executing and monitoring – you are vital in the support of your team as they achieve their overarching objectives and you need to ensure you stay relevant with a project management course.

The How-to of Project Management

This go-to guide will help you further your development into becoming the ultimate project manager – whether you’re leading a team, creating a new product, setting up a marketing campaign or planning an event. It has been developed using the tools and techniques you can expect to cover in an online project management course.

Here’s how the Project Manager’s Playbook will up your game:
  • With the help of the 7 central practices used by highly productive project managers, you’ll learn how to improve yourself as a project management professional
  • You’ll gain an understanding of the project life cycle, as a means to take a successful project from concept to closure
  • You’ll be exposed to effective project leadership practices, concluding with actionable daily strategies for being “more than just a manager”
  • You’ll take a look at the step-by-step process of getting your project off the ground, with the help of the interactive template for crafting the ultimate project plan
To download the Project Manager’s Playbook and up your game, click below:

The Project Manager's Playbook - click to download

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