What IIBA membership means for your BSA career

CAREER ADVICE   |   1 minute  |   December 2, 2016

The UCT Business Systems Analysis (BSA) online short course offers you the most industry-relevant skills to secure your spot as a top business analyst. Your UCT certificate is also endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

But what does that mean for your BSA career?


Who is the IIBA?


The IIBA is an international and independent non-profit association, dedicated to the development and growth of the BSA profession.

They work to connect business analysts from around the world through their 29,000-member global network and ensure that business and information systems continue to meet the needs of their organisations.

Sound like the kind of global network you’d benefit from being a member of?

Here’s how it’s going to help your BSA career:


How will IIBA benefit you?


As part of the IIBA’s Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) programme, this course has been examined by the institute and identified as aligning with A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) which means you’re guaranteed to receive the most up-to-date BSA content.

Here are some other ways your IIBA-endorsed course will help advance your business analyst career:

Global Recognition

With 29,000 members and over 260 corporate members, the IIBA’s network spans the globe. That means your certificate from UCT will hold weight on an international scale, giving you recognition as a top BSA globally.

Up-to-date Skills

Because the UCT Business Systems Analysis online short course is aligned with the BABOK Guide, your certificate is seen as a stamp of the highest quality content and skills. You are guaranteed exposure to the latest techniques in the BSA world.

Professional Development and Continuing Development Units

  • By completing the BSA course you’ll qualify for 40 Professional Development (PD) hours and Continuing Development Units (CDUs).
  • As a business analyst you might want to earn a IIBA certificate. To qualify for the certificate, or recertification, you’re going to need a certain amount of PD hours and CDUs. The UCT BSA online short course is your ticket to qualification by adding to your PD hours and CDUs.

Join the IIBA today and get recognition as an international BSA: register for the UCT Business Systems Analysis (BSA) online short course.