What is the average Public Relations salary? | FAQs

MARKETING   |   2 minutes  |   February 20, 2017

Wondering how much you can expect to get paid as a Public Relations Manager? According to Rebecca Cronje, Head Tutor of the UCT Public Relations online short course, the average public relations salary can range according to a variety of factors, including the level of PR skills, experience, and location.

Hear exactly what she has to say about an average public relations salary in this short video.

Why do companies have a demand for Public Relations Managers?

At its core, the function of PR is to understand a business, brand, organisation, or individual’s target audiences and engage them in a relevant way to encourage change – either through perception, education or call-to-action.

By managing their public relations profile, organisations try to gain the co-operation of the people or the other organisations that they interact with, and to reach equilibrium by finding the perfect balance between the organisation’s own needs and wants and those of the organisation’s different publics, such as their shareholders and customers.

Ultimately there’s a high earning potential for those who want to pursue a career in public relations, and are willing to be patient as they move up to an executive role. So, depending on whether you’re just starting out in the PR industry, or are perhaps wanting to move into a more senior position, your monthly salary expectations can range from R5,ooo for an internship to R50,000 for a senior role. The best way to increase your earning potential as a Public Relations Manager and take on a bigger role in your industry? Add to your portfolio with a public relations course.

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There are various levels of skill in the PR profession. It begins as an internship and can end up as a Senior Account Director, Director or Managing Director. Salaries range and are dependent on experience and level, but typically start at around R5k for an internship to beyond R50k for senior roles. Account Managers typically earn between R15k and R23k, depending on their level and Account Directors, R23k upwards. Geography also influences salaries and in Johannesburg they tend to be higher than Cape Town and other areas.