Digital Banking Manifesto: The End of Banks? | MIT Report

FINANCE   |   10 minutes  |   December 2, 2016

This free report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology investigates the current state of our banking system and how the rise of the Digital Bank and digital currencies will affect the future of finance. MIT’s Alex Lipton, David Shrier and Alex “Sandy” Pentland take you through the intricacies of the Digital Bank.


6 Themes you will explore with this MIT report:
  1. The rise and evolution of the Digital Bank
  2. The necessary requirements for a successful Digital Bank from the perspective of the customer, investor and the bank itself
  3. Understanding the digital customer segment – who makes up the market in developing and developed nations
  4. The creation and considerations of digital currencies
  5. The ecosystem that makes up the Digital Bank
  6. The debate between the rise of the Digital Bank versus digital banking
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