Mobile Money & Payments: Technology Trends | MIT Report

CAREER ADVICE, SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY   |   10 minutes  |   December 2, 2016

David Shrier, German Canale, and Alex “Sandy” Pentland take you through the evolution of money technology with this report. This paper explores the terrain of mobile money and payments technology, the dynamics of the current system, and potential future areas for innovation.


6 Themes you’ll explore with this MIT report:
  1. The definition of digital and mobile money and the evolution of money technology
  2. The mobile money ecosystem and the players integral to its development
  3. The platforms available for mobile trading as well as the benefits of this form of money transferal
  4. The movements, players and obstacles for international remittance
  5. The usage of mobile payments by varying companies
  6. The future of alternative forms of money and the fintech revolution
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