Towards the Internet of Trusted Data | MIT Report

SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY   |   10 minutes  |   December 2, 2016

This report is a full chapter excerpt from the book “Trust::Data”, edited by Thomas Hardjono, David Shrier and Alex Pentland. This report, taken from Chapter 1 of the book, sets the scene for an exploration of the concept of an Internet of Trusted Data.


In the 25 pages of this report, you’ll find the following:

  • Detailed propositions for inclusions in the Internet of Trusted Data
  • Important areas where it’s necessary for government, tech companies and academia to collaborate
  • Problems that are driving the need for a robust identity, what that robust identity entails, and a potential solution
  • Challenges to data sharing that need to be addressed as well as proposed solutions to those challenges
  • The progressive steps required to establish a new model for digital identities for future blockchain systems
  • A detailed breakdown of the growing consensus reached by key players from government, industry and academia
  • The 3 solution phases, where each phases focuses on one or more of the key concepts discussed previously.

For more information about the full book, visit Visionary Future.

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