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We can upskill your employees for the future with a curated selection of industry-led online courses from the world’s top academic institutions and organizations.

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Discover how Dimension Data's employees are better equipped and more empowered through online learning with GetSmarter for business.

Why choose GetSmarter
Why choose GetSmarter

Our step-by-step approach


Needs analysis

We’ll set up a meeting to identify training requirements and skills gaps to help us understand what your training objectives are, and how we can best assist you and your team.


Course selection

After we understand your training needs, our team will give you high-level insight to ensure you select the courses that are most relevant to your industry.


Presentation and learning

Employees will begin their learning journey with dedicated support from our student success team who focus on guiding your workforce to ensure course completion.


Performance reports

Once the course has been completed we will send you a report detailing how your employees performed so that you can track their development.


What’s next?

As your dedicated partner on this learning journey, we’ll continuously help you prepare and plan to ensure you meet your company’s ongoing training and development needs.

Leaders in lifelong learning

As the demands on today’s workforce continue to change, we’ve developed our offering to keep employees and their companies competitive.

Our comprehensive enterprise solution brings together 70+ world-class universities and institutions that present a portfolio of 475+ diverse offerings designed to help companies transform their workforce through education. Our three product offerings service the necessity for lifelong learning.

Short courses

Learn from the world’s leading universities with market-led online short courses from GetSmarter.

Boot camps

As part of 2U, Trilogy Education partners with leading universities to help companies bridge their digital skills gaps.

Degree programs

2U powers engaging and interactive undergraduate and graduate degree programs so that students can improve their lives on a schedule that works for them.

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