Graphic Design online short course

Starts on 9 January 2017

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Course information

10 weeks online
7-10 hours per week
R12,900 | Options available
University of Cape Town

Course Information

10 weeks online
7-10 hours per week
R12,900 | Options available
University of Cape Town


What makes for good graphic design? It’s more than just a pretty picture - it’s a solution that informs others on contemporary visual conventions.

Developing a big idea with creative communication solutions is key to industry success. Your direct audience is distracted and delighted in different ways everyday. How will you ensure your designs break through and inspire action and engagement?

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What will set you apart

In just 10 weeks, this online course introduces you to both the theoretical and practical aspects of graphic design:

  • Receive the best knowledge advantage when it comes to visual communication and aesthetic principles 
  • Execute design projects on the course using Adobe Illustrator
  • Produce work for both print and digital formats 
  • Develop a sense for the business side of this field

Course curriculum

This online short course in graphic design will help you to have the most impact on both consulting and personal projects, and give you up-to-date design skills. With a personalised and supported framework, you’ll study in your own time, guided by industry experts and a dedicated support team. Here’s what you’ll cover:

  • Orientation Module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Course Module 1: What is Graphic Design?
  • Course Module 2: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Course Module 3: Understanding digital images
  • Course Module 4: Visual communication
  • Course Module 5: Layout and composition
  • Course Module 6: Idea generation and research
  • Course Module 7: Working with text (typography)
  • Course Module 8: Designing for print
  • Course Module 9: Creating designs for the web
  • Course Module 10: The business of Graphic Design

Earn a certificate from the University of Cape Town

On completion of this course you earn a certificate from a top-tier university as powerful proof of your new competencies and use it to set yourself apart from the rest and get recognised in the job market.


Your success team

In collaboration with the world's top-tier universities, we design online short courses around the insights of experienced faculty members and authoritative industry experts. On the course, you can expect to learn from these specialists via online video lectures, which will be accessible to you anywhere, any time.

Readiness test

This Readiness Test will help you assess your preparedness for this course by asking you a few quick questions relating to time management, technological requirements, your expectations, and the subject matter level - to help you confirm that this online course is the right fit for you.


When do I start?

Our next available short course starts on 9 January 2017.
Too soon for you? Register now for the next presentation that starts on 13 February 2017

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GetSmarter’s learning model is designed to help you as a working professional, improve your skills without compromising on work and family responsibilities. The course work is broken up into weekly, manageable bite-sized modules, with incremental deadlines, designed to help you pace yourself over the duration of the course and allow you the legroom to work when it suits you best.

At the beginning of each week you’ll be presented with all the lectures, notes and assignments necessary for completion.

You also have access to your Course Coach who will help you set goals and track key milestones, manage your time, and field any administrative requests you might have.


You have four payment options available to you, depending on the length of your course:

You can pay your tuition fees in full before the course starts.

You may opt for a two-part payment plan for courses shorter than 9 weeks. You’ll be able to pay your fees in two parts, spread over the duration of your course.

Three-part payment for courses 9 weeks or longer. You’ll be able to pay your fees in three parts, spread over the duration of your course.

A short term loan from FeverTree who will help you fund your studies immediately.

If you want to find out more about any of these options or you want to know which you qualify for, please get in contact with a Course Consultant here.


By improving your skills and industry knowledge, you’ll be having an influence on the success of your organisation.

Why wouldn’t you ask your boss to help you fund your studies if its going to have an impact on the way you do business?

37% of our past students receive financial assistance from their employers. You can ask for help, too. Here is a guide to show you how.


The Online Campus will be your virtual classroom for the duration of your course. Through its easy-to-use interface you’ll have access to a diverse variety of course content formats, including: interactive video lectures, module notes, practice quizzes, Prezis, assignment briefs, and additional web resources.

On the Online Campus, you’ll also be able to ask questions, interact with your fellow students and Head Tutor through the Online Campus discussion forums. If you’re experiencing tech issues or need advice from your personal Course Coach, you can use the Online Campus to get in touch.

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