What it’s like to learn online with GetSmarter

You can look forward to an online education experience that mirrors the academic excellence available to on-campus students at the world’s leading universities, tailored specifically for the adult working learner.

By allowing for deep learning in a structured timeframe, regular opportunities within a year to start studying, no travel considerations, and a manageable workload each week, you’re afforded the flexibility and convenience you need to learn and advance.

Watch this to hear what past students say about their experience of learning online with GetSmarter:

A personalised, people-mediated online learning experience

Our Team of Success Managers and expert Tutors is over 140 people strong. Their singular goal? To see you through to the day where you can proudly display your certificate, officially recognising you as having successfully completed a short course from one of the world’s leading universities.


You are not simply a student on our courses, but an active participant in constructing your knowledge with fellow professionals in your field, facilitated by an expert Tutor, guided by lectures and interviews with the world’s most respected thought leaders.


We value and recognise that each of our students comes onboard with prior educational, professional and life experience, and as such, we encourage global networking and active participation in small, tutor-led intensive groups that facilitate peer-to-peer discourse and learning.


Your individual perspective and understanding will be continuously challenged and built upon through what is very much an online version of the Oxbridge tutorial style, ensuring you leave the course intellectually confident, with well-rounded and applied knowledge of the subject matter.