Student stories

Thousands of busy working professionals have advanced their careers with a part-time short course through GetSmarter - hear what they had to say about learning online with us.

Kirsten Samantha Smith | UCT Public Relations short course

"The course allowed me to land the internship I wanted, as I had no previous knowledge of PR. Furthermore, it has been wonderful applying what I have learnt from the course to practical situations."

Olivia Colville | UCT Internet Marketing short course

"The variety of learning material, like videos, quizzes and forums kept things interesting and assistance was always just a click away. The flexibility of studying online makes it the perfect choice for those who work full-time."

Marianne Anderson | UCT Payroll and Tax Administration short course

"Tax legislation continues to evolve over time, and it is easy to get left behind. It is therefore very important to stay in touch with changes. In my opinion, the UCT short course was an easy and hassle-free way to achieve just that."

Marike Colyn | UCT Guest House Management short course

"The sense of camaraderie between students on the forums was a very positive experience, as was the impeccable organisation of course notes and additional study material."

Clint Latour | UCT Internet Marketing short course

"I would highly recommend using the GetSmarter learning environment as it is a fun, effective and exciting learning experience that would keep you coming back for more knowledge."

Odette Metcalf | UCT Operations Management short course

"You are never too old to learn, and that there are lots of people out there who are learning too, at all stages in life and I have something to share."

Lefu Mofonedi | UCT Operations Management short course

"I cannot single out one thing, but I must say everything that I have learnt in the course exceeded my expectations."

Kyle Goate | UCT Human Resource Management short course

"It has assisted me in further creating structure in the way I manage and lead a team. It’s also helped create a clear path in the right direction to becoming a more all-rounded manager and leader in my organization."

Visha Govender | UCT Operations Management short course

"I best enjoyed being able to learn at my own pace. The interactivity of the discussion forums, and reading other students’ thoughts and experiences, really helped my learning."

Erica Fourie | UCT Digital Photography short course

"Getting to know my camera with the help of the Course Instructor, Roberta Crumplin, and the excellent course tutorials and videos."

Michelle Edmond | UCT Professional Communication and Management short course

"Besides the obvious boost to my marketability, the course helped me to sharpen the edges of my service delivery on the job."