May 22, 2018

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5 Careers That Give You Flexibility (and the skills you need to get there)

remote careers remote careersWhile employment has traditionally focused on permanent, on-site roles, the future of work is moving towards the Gig Economy: freelance, temp, and telecommuting careers spurred on by advances in technology that allow companies to source employees worldwide who can work remotely.

Looking for your niche in the sharing economy? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Career 1: Become a Life or Executive Coach

If you’d like to help people reach their personal and professional goals, a future in coaching might be for you. Advances in technology and social media have changed the landscape of coaching, allowing coaches around the world to share their expertise in a range of niches.

All you need is Skype to have a one-on-one coaching session with a client, and when you want to schedule a face-to-face session, this career path gives you the freedom to manage your own calendar.

Who can build a career in coaching?

A career in coaching is ideal for managers, executives, and HR professionals who want to build a broad coaching toolkit enabling them to lead with confidence and competence as they guide others into successful personal development.

The course that will help you get there: UCT Foundations of Executive Coaching online short course

Career 2: Become a Property Manager

With a solid grasp of property management basics, you can manage an entire portfolio of properties from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to help someone maintain their property portfolio or your goal is to cut out the middleman and oversee your own property investments, this is one brick-and-mortar investment that can be managed remotely. Screen tenants, understand leases, manage stakeholders, and develop a marketing strategy to make the most of property investments.

Who can build a career in property management?

A career in property management is ideal for investors looking to effectively manage and profit from their investments in the property market, as well as those who would like to establish themselves as a work-from-home property manager.

The course that will help you get there: UCT Property Management online short course

Career 3: Become a Web Designer

Web Design is a skill in demand, and it’s one you can practice from your home or favourite coffee shop. You can specialise in the most in-demand coding languages to become an expert in your niche and integrate some User Experience Design to make your skills even more valuable.

Who can build a career in web design?

A career in web design is for aspiring creatives who want the variety of working on websites and digital marketing projects for a range of brands.

The course that will help you get there: UCT Web Design online short course

Career 4: Become a Social Media Marketer

Booms in digital business marketing require specialised social media marketers who are skilled at driving and managing traffic through a range of social media sites. Create innovative social media strategies and manage traffic across a portfolio of social media sites.

“Being a busy mom, I love the flexibility that the Social Media Marketer role gives me. I find that I’m super productive when I need to be, and that the freedom of working anywhere actually helps spark my creativity. Additionally, social media never sleeps, so having the ability to engage when needed matches the flexible hours perfectly.” – Kiara Havenga, Head Tutor for UCT Social Media Marketing online short course

Who can build a career in social media marketing?

A career in social media marketing is ideal for creative strategists and marketing professionals who want to help brands and small businesses to maximise their social media presence through digital marketing strategies.

The course that will help you get there: UCT Social Media Marketing online short course

Career 5: Become a Graphic Designer

If you’re a creative who is energised by a diversity of projects, consider a career in graphic design. You’ll have the freedom to engage with a range of clients around the world, helping them to bring their brands to life with innovative designs. You can specialise in different styles and formats across published, printed, or electronic media.

“People often focus only on the artistic or creative side of graphic design, but in fact, one of the most important skills a designer needs is being able to communicate clearly. Not only with their clients, to find out what they need, but through the medium of design itself. Graphic design is a visual language, and being a designer is all about learning to look at the world through new eyes, and translating what you see.” – Masha du Toit, Head Tutor for UCT Graphic Design online short course

Who can build a career in graphic design?

A career in graphic design is ideal for creatives who want to pursue their talents in a marketing or advertising capacity.

The course that will help you get there: UCT Graphic Design online short course

What’s your next career move?