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CAREER ADVICE   |   2 minutes  |   December 5, 2016

To be a successful operations manager, you need to be equipped with the right tools to ensure a business can operate optimally through optimal operations management.

In this short video Lerisa Roberts, Head Tutor for the UCT Operations Management online short course, explains what tools are at your disposal in the field of operations management.

Operations management tools are vital to good performance as an operations manager. Every organisation has different needs, and every situation varies from one instance to another, so a wealth of different tools is required in order to run your operations management as smoothly as possible.

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Two such examples of those different situations are:

Focusing on improvement in operations management

Tools such as Six Sigma or DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) are used to overhaul and improve operations within an entire organisation. These are often implemented by operations managers to eliminate errors and defects, reduce cost, and save time in order to make a company, and its operations management, as efficient as possible.

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Focusing on streamlining supply chains in operations management

Shipping Status tools, Order Processing tools, Warehouse Management tools and Demand Forecast tools are just some examples of the various tools that could be used to better manage a supply chain. The great variety of tools within supply chain management alone is evidence of the fact that there is no shortlist of tools that every operations manager needs to be familiar with.

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It really isn’t as straightforward as that, operations management is an incredibly broad field, with an equally broad range of tools at your disposal. There are tools focused on improvement, such as ‘Six Sigma’ for example, and tools more focused on streamlining supply chains. It really depends on the specific organisation and the task at hand.