Why event planning and management is a good career | FAQs

HOSPITALITY & EVENTS   |   2 minutes  |   December 5, 2016

The 21st century is an exciting time to join the ranks of the event management industry, as event managers are being called upon to develop and stage missions of events globally each year. These events range from 21st birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, political fundraisers, fashion shows, product launches, conferences, weddings, sporting events, and festivals.

With such a large number of events taking place each year, and the hundreds of hours need to produce each one, the event planning industry presents many events management opportunities for those aspiring to enter the field.

If you’re someone who is creative, organised and loves people, events management could be a great career path for you.

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In this short video Mandy Mulder, Head Tutor on the UCT Events Management online short course and experienced events manager, explains why events management is a good career choice, based on her own experience.

Mandy has taken you through the reasons she believes that event planning as a career choice is especially rewarding. From travel experiences to the chance to work with new, different people on a regular, the events planning career path is hard work but exceptionally satisfying.

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Being an event planner is a hugely rewarding job. Taking months or sometimes years of planning and seeing it come to fruition in a tangible, real form is honestly an exhilarating, and, some would argue, addictive experience. It’s a job which involves huge responsibility, but it gives as much as it takes from you. I have found event planning to be a very fulfilling career, one which over the years has allowed me to travel extensively, meet new and exciting people, work on a huge variety of different types of events, explore my creative side, and learn a myriad of different skills. As an events manager you never stop learning, each event teaches you something new – it’s what makes the industry so exciting and dynamic. Once you’ve planned events for a living, any other job would just be boring.