The Various Types Of Event Management Fields| FAQs

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT, EDUCATION   |   2 minutes  |   December 5, 2016

Interested in the event management industry as a career path, but are unsure which area you’d like to specialise in? Or perhaps you’re looking at changing direction and trying something new within your current event management job?

The scope and diversity of the event industry makes it simultaneously challenging and exciting. Events have become increasingly popular pastimes, as well as prime vehicles for marketing, publicity, education and business. This creates the need for properly-trained event managers.

In this short video Mandy Mulder, Head Tutor on the UCT Events Management online short course, details the different types of events management and how you can go about choosing which area to focus on.

Regardless of the type of events management that you’d like to see yourself progress, it’s important to ensure you have the necessary skills and expertise to make the most out of a career as an events planner.

Want to break into the world of events planning with a recognisable set of skills?

Find out how the UCT Events Management online short course can help you give you the advantage.



The wonderful thing about events is that there is something for everybody. So whether you want to go into wedding planning, or planning corporate events, or product launches. Whether it be exhibitions or conferencing, meetings, incentive groups, large sporting events, large educational symposiums that are held internationally all over the world – there really is basically a niche for everybody. So it depends on what skills you have that can match up with the type of sector that you’re going to work in. That’s what I generally say to people deciding on which sector of event management to enter into. The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself to working in just one sector of the industry. You could work on a variety of events over the course of a year or the course of your career, or you could just choose to specialise. So basically there are so many sectors, and the events industry is growing daily, and new sectors are actually being introduced into the market all the time. And that’s what makes this industry so exciting.