How To Move From Graphic Design To Web Design | FAQs

SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY   |   1 minute  |   March 3, 2017

Are you in the graphic design industry and looking to move into a web design position? The transition is probably easier than you think.

Graphic designers and web designers tend to use the same website design graphics software. But to make the move you’ll need to learn HTML, CSS and how to build and code a website.


Gain the best website design training you need to:
  • Build a fully responsive, interactive website that stands apart from the standard templates
  • Master the basics of web design software like HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • Learn web designer industry-grade frameworks, tools, vocabulary, and best practices
  • Understand how a skillful mix of programming and layout will power the best web design platforms


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In this quick video Delia Farrer, Head Tutor for the University of Cape Town Web Design online short course, gives advice on what you need to learn in order to move into a career as a web designer.

Ready to fill the gap in the fast-growing web design industry?

Fine-tune your skills and fast-track your career, with the UCT Web Design online short course.



Graphic designers and web designers often use the same or similar graphics software programs, but to become a web designer you would need to learn HTML and CSS, and you would need to learn how to create and code a website using these 2 languages. The best way to learn these is to do a web design course at Getsmarter.