What’s The Best Web Design Software? | FAQs

SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY   |   1 minute  |   March 3, 2017

Are you an aspiring web designer, or have you just entered the web design training industry?

You may be wondering what the best website design software would be to help you set yourself apart in your fast-growing industry.

Web development software is split into two central types:

  1. Software for editing images
  2. Software for editing your HTML or website design code.

Although everyone’s preference is different, the best website design software includes Adobe Photoshop for web design graphics editing and Adobe Dreamweaver for HTML editing.

In this quick video Delia Farrer, Head Tutor for the University of Cape Town Web Design online short course shares some further insight.

Once you have the web design training you’ll need to know how to use them.

Develop the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career in this web designing course, with the UCT Web Design online short course.



You use two types of software in Web Design, one is for editing your images and one for editing your HTML which is your actual website code. Everyone has different opinions on best software, but a lot of designers in the industry use Adobe Photoshop for their graphics editing, and Adobe Dreamweaver for their HTML editing. You have to pay for this software. Adobe does offer free trials on some software, otherwise there are many alternative options of software. Best to try a couple and see what you feel comfortable using.