University of Chicago Healthcare Informatics Course Trailer

HEALTH   |   3 minutes  |   January 26, 2018

In the 8-week Healthcare Informatics online course from the University of Chicago, you will explore the ways biomedical informatics can be used to drive change and innovation in the field of health care.

Designed and presented in collaboration with leaders in digital education, GetSmarter, this course will equip you with the essential knowledge required to engage in conversations around new innovations in healthcare. You will be prepared to oversee project management strategies to implement cutting-edge technology systems in your own organization.

Watch the course trailer to learn more about this industry-advancing course:

Course convenor Dr. Samuel Volchenboum is an accomplished healthcare leader who earned his Master’s in Biomedical Informatics from MIT and Harvard Medical School. As Director of the Center for Research Informatics at the University of Chicago, he applies his expertise to projects designed to help researchers advance their research through the use of big data and innovations in healthcare informatics.

Dr. Volchenboum is a pediatric oncologist, Associate Professor of pediatrics at the University of Chicago, Associate Director of the Institute for Translational Medicine, and the co-founder of Litmus Health, a data science platform for early-stage clinical trials.

This course is a key opportunity for innovators and healthcare professionals across the field to discover how big data can improve human health. While certain course components take a US-centred approach, this is a truly global course with insights that can be applied to any healthcare environment worldwide. Guided by a variety of industry professionals in a high-touch online learning environment, students will learn about the future of big data in the field of healthcare.

Are you ready to future-proof your healthcare career?

Get a headstart with the University of Chicago Healthcare Informatics online short course.