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PROJECT MANAGEMENT   |   2 minutes  |   February 16, 2017

The project management industry is growing exponentially and the demand for the professionals with sufficient project management training is higher than ever before.

You might have what it takes to fill the gap.

In the short video below, hear from Kyle de Freitas, Head Tutor on the University of Cape Town Project Management Foundations online short course, to learn what it takes to make it in thisĀ lucrative industry.

There are many ways to start your journey towards this industry but the most important thing is to gain the necessary skills and experience, in order to make a good impression on future prospective employers.

A great start could be applying for internships or junior positions; keeping an eye out for opportunities to prove yourself within your current company, or network with other project managers to learn more about the job requirements and the industry. Alternatively, you can look at gaining project management certification online through short courses.

Want to gain the skills to step up into the project management industry?

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The good news is there are many ways to get into project management. It may be interesting to note that many project managers today entered the profession accidentally, in other words, project management was not their intended career path. Before making a concerted effort to enter the field, you may be wondering if you possess some of the basic skills needed to become a successful project manager. If you are past this point and would like to demonstrate your commitment to the profession, then you could: get in touch with your HR department; apply for junior project management positions; lookout for internships; put in a formal training request; join a project management association; connect with practitioners working in the field; and get qualified. These are just a few examples, but they will prove to be extremely helpful in your pursuit to enter the field of project management.