How to pursue a career in SEO | FAQs

MARKETING   |   2 minutes  |   December 5, 2016

Are you wanting to pursue a career in SEO, but not sure where to start?

The demand for search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists is higher than ever as businesses rely more and more on SEO skills to get them recognised. But to fill the gap in the SEO industry requires the development of a strong set of skills: strong technical knowledge, the best SEO tools and an analytical mindset, to name a few.

You also need to know where to start.

To find out about what it takes to break into the SEO industry, watch this short video of Andre Buxley, one of the Head Tutors on the University of Cape Town Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) online short course, as he explains the process.

Do you want to build a career in SEO?

Start by developing the optimal skill set, with the UCT Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) online short course



You would first need to look and associate, or find, those particular agencies, that offer either an internship, or that offer a junior position within that agency. Once you have furthered your studies around digital marketing, or SEO, you may apply for these particular positions, and thus progress with your career in SEO.