Oct 29, 2020

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What Do Past Participants Think of the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme?

The modern business landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and this state of constant change has created a growing need for a new class of leaders. It’s critical that the modern business leader is someone who can navigate through challenges and empower their teams to succeed.

The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme examines the key leadership skills needed for the complex and dynamic workplace. Over eight weeks online, you’ll learn to identify and articulate your leadership style and vision, and discover how to align this with your organisation’s strategic purpose. Lead high-performance teams to add value to your business, with effective leadership strategies.

Throughout the programme, you’ll have the chance to expand your professional network as you study alongside a global cohort of like-minded executives and accomplished leaders.

Join a network of future thinkers

Here’s what past participants who have already had the opportunity to study online with Oxford Saïd thought of the programme:

Ella Vize
Head of Talent and Learning, UpSkill Digital

“The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme has given me an intellectually challenging and robust understanding of what effective leadership looks like in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. It has provided me with new ways of thinking about leading, of empowering my team to thrive, and a global network of like-minded leaders whose support I will rely on for years to come. The most important thing it has given me is the confidence to pursue my unique purpose as a leader wholeheartedly, and the fruits of my labour are already paying off.”


Lisa Lang
Head of Learning and Education Americas, Siemens

“This Oxford Executive Leadership Programme was one of the most engaging I have experienced in an online format. The quality of the content was excellent, and this was enhanced by videos of experts in this field. I have come away with knowledge that will benefit me in my current role, and that gives me an idea of how to navigate as I continue my career path.”


Dr Martyn Taylor
Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

“A high-quality programme, providing many valuable leadership insights as well as a key practical focus. The information is clear and well-presented, including online videos, text, and interactive infographics. I found the online learning experience to be a more efficient way of learning, yet also providing greater flexibility. Welcome to education in the 2020s! I highly recommend this programme to others.”


George Sarmonikas
Head of IoT Analytics, Ericsson

“Excellent programme and very relevant content to my daily job. Very applicable concepts that will definitely be applied in my job as a leader. Hopefully I will improve my leadership style, become more effective, and help my followers and my organisation to achieve more.”


Elizabeth Marie Rinehart
MD, Eastern Connecticut Pathology Consultants

“The content on this programme was conveyed via models, theories, and real-life examples from world leaders. Having a basic understanding of the content made the discussion topics and assignments thought-provoking and inspiring. I have held many leadership positions in the past, and thought I knew the traits and characteristics that were desirable in a leader. This programme went well beyond my knowledge base to explore historical leadership models, traits, theories, culture, and how those items can be applied across organisations.”


Kenneth Lewela
Global Products and Services Procurement Manager, Publicis Groupe

“The content and format of delivery was very professional and of high quality. It introduced me to many new thought leaders and frameworks, and I strongly perceive that my leadership practice has been positively enhanced. It was great to have a mix of different media formats on the online learning experience, and the weekly module release allowed me sufficient time to digest the new knowledge, experiment with its applications, and put it in discipline into my day for self-reflection – which is rare in our daily busy lives. I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse and global the participants were, and I have learnt a lot from interacting with them. I believe I am a better person, and therefore a better leader as a result of the learnings. It is going to take some honesty and courage to continuously locate the confluence of my personal purpose to the purpose of my organisation, and I am looking forward to taking that journey well-equipped.”


Mathieu Christian Acin
Associate Partner Global Business Services, IBM

“I found the programme content to be very useful in guiding me through key concepts and frameworks, challenging my current understanding and reading of what leadership is. The learning experience has been thought provoking and the networking, collaboration, and exchanges with tutors, guest executives, speakers, and colleagues have proved to be invaluable and enriching in each module and topic discussed. The ability to collaborate live, compare notes and experiences, as well as network with leaders across the globe has brought a great deal of perspective on the subject of executive leadership.”


Alvaro Javier Valencia
Mergers and Acquisitions Manager, AES Corporation

“The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme provides the tools to stay relevant as a leader in a continuously changing environment. The programme is well-structured, the content is state-of-the-art, and it’s based on research performed by Saïd Business School and the University of Oxford’s world-renowned faculty. The best part is that this programme provides an opportunity to live the ‘Oxford experience’ from the comfort of your own home, and the value for money is just exceptional. If you are interested in discovering your purpose as an authentic leader, and making an impactful and meaningful contribution within your organisation and to society, then this programme is for you.”


Abhijeet Basu
Director, Bose Technologies Limited

“It was a pleasure to be part of the programme. The best part was the interaction I had with my classmates in the group discussions and forums. It was an amazing eye-opener to read the views of these prolific future leaders from different backgrounds and areas of work, and that helped me broaden my horizons considerably. Being in the IT consulting business, I have already used a lot of what I have learnt while leading three enterprise transformation programmes, each of which has been a brilliant success. I would happily recommend the programme to anyone, and especially to people who think they don’t need it. The change in perspective that you get as a result of these eight weeks is awe-inspiring, and I intend to further my knowledge through continual improvement and reading.”


Colin Joseph Christman
Program Development Coordinator, McCall Center for Behavioral Health

“The content was current, relevant, and insightful, yet provoking curiosity and reflection that will far exceed the content alone. The videos and graphics are excellent, the sessions broken into sensible sections, and the pacing and workload correct for a working professional who requires neither handholding nor copious monitored reinforcement of the programme’s concepts. I feel that I understand the details of leadership much better. I have learned formalised processes to lead effectively, but also the soft skills of authenticity, managing plurality, and living with the certainty of complexity in today’s organisation. The programme balances those forces, and explores how to do so in the contemporary context of present and future leadership. The online support was outstanding. The GetSmarter team communicated clearly, and was always supportive of students and their learning.”


David Ablett
Team Leader, Skills for Inclusive Growth

“Having access to the high-quality content of this programme has inspired my thinking about, and understanding of, leadership. What a privilege it is to have […] Oxford academics and industry leaders share insights and advice drawn from direct experience and applied research. The online learning experience is practical and accessible […]. The programme inspires me to learn more – a light has been switched on.”

Elevate your leadership skills with Oxford Saïd

To prepare your organisation for the future of work, you must first develop a deeper understanding of your role and purpose as a leader. With effective leadership tools, you’ll be empowered to add value not only to your own success, but to the success of your team and business too.

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford strives to educate people for successful business careers. Upon successful completion of this programme, you’ll gain access to the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn,* and connect with global thought leaders and experts who are focused on advancing their career, much like yourself.

*Access to this group will only be granted following the participant’s successful completion and passing of the programme.

Register now to gain a refined understanding of your leadership purpose, with global perspectives and insights from a panel of like-minded professionals and faculty.

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