Nov 30, 2016

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Why is SEO so important for a website? | FAQs

SEO is an important factor to consider when you’re creating your digital marketing plan. With the proper use of search engine optimisation, your organisation’s website can attract more relevant and higher traffic.

Watch this video where Tim Withers, Marketing Manager at GetSmarter, explains exactly why SEO is so important for the success of your digital marketing strategy.


Search engine optimisation is no longer just a bonus trick used by some to increase traffic It’s now the only way to make sure that your customers can find your site without having to look very far at all. With the proper optimisations, you can make sure that people who are asking specific, relevant questions find your sites as easily as possible. And that your pages rank highest on search engine results.

But how to perform correct optimisation is just as important to know. Practicing unethical SEO techniques – “black hat” SEO – will lead to a site’s pages being blacklisted by search engines. You need to know how to take full advantage of every SEO technique without exploiting the system.

Ensure you have the fundamental knowledge to best optimise your websites for search engine results. Put yourself in the driver’s seat when it comes to marketing your brand online with the proper introductions to SEO.


SEO is important for a website because if you don’t apply SEO best practices, your site is not as accessible to search engines as it would be if you did apply search engine best practices. Your audience won’t be as relevant. And in an increasingly competitive landscape, any site or business that doesn’t apply SEO is putting itself at a competitive disadvantage.