How To Identify Lucrative Opportunities for 2018

CAREER ADVICE   |   4 minutes  |   January 18, 2018

This an excerpt from The New Professional’s 2018 Career Guide. Have you got your free copy?

2018 will be a year that offers very real and achievable opportunity for working professionals. We’ve summarised five opportunities that are most ripe for New Professionals to take advantage of this year.

Opportunity #1: The Diversity Agenda finally gets a platform.

Global progress in workplace gender equality is becoming a reality. Women are starting businesses more than ever before, with a 68% increase of female-founded ventures over the last decade in the US alone. 2018 looks set to be the year women in leadership experience mass attention and affect bigger change.

Opportunity #2: Now hiring: better quality management.

Although Millennials will dominate workplaces by 2020, the ‘silver workforce’ can add exponential value as successful organisations learn to embrace multigenerational teams. The ability to manage across generational divides, as well as set direction for team agility in an unpredictable and demanding age, will be the leadership to look for.

Opportunity #3: The chance for autonomous work life.

Going solo in 2018? Decentralisation of the workplace has led to freelancing, the gig economy and entrepreneurship being increasingly embraced globally – you’ve got the freedom to create your own “job of the future”. Consider consulting as a project manager; offering digital marketing services; becoming a lucrative property developer; moonlighting as a compliance advisor, and so much more.

Opportunity #4: Pave the way in the technology takeover.

The rise of automation will require employees who know how to engage strategically with business systems. The impact of blockchain and AI on the banking industry means your investment skills will need to be future-proof.  Big data is shifting the way businesses handle information, and employers will look for candidates who know how to engage with data.

Opportunity #5: Work better, deliver results faster.

Efficiency is the name of the game. With the extent of work being demanded, and the acceleration of workplace delivery being expected due to tech, those who are able to drive results efficiently – through a focus on project-based relationships and improved operational processes – will be in demand.

The workplace is full of opportunities in 2018. Which ones will you reach for?

The above is an excerpt from The New Professional’s 2018 Career Guide.

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