Feb 24, 2017

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Meet A Millennial On The Move: Jess Wilkinson

It’s clear that Jess Wilkinson is a young New Professional determined to use a passion for learning to kick start her career. Why?

At 24, she has already completed two GetSmarter online short courses proving she is passionate about making an impact on her career path by achieving the goals she sets for herself.

Jess pursued a skillset that has helped her stand out from the crowd. Soon after completing the UCT Digital Marketing online short course and the UCT Social Media online short course, she was offered a marketing position at a large wine farm in the Western Cape.

Her passion for lifelong learning, goal-oriented attitude and desire to remain a relevant in her career, are characteristics she shares with other New Professionals.

“A person can never be overeducated, learning is a continuous process, one that stops only when we reach the end of our lives.”new professional

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About her learning experience with GetSmarter, Jess says the digital education company is reliable and provided her with exceptional support throughout both courses.

Jess discovered her passion for marketing while pursuing her BCom Honours degree and wanted to further her knowledge on a digital platform.

“I wanted to learn how marketing concepts applied to the digital space so I started with the digital marketing course and got so much from that experience that I went on to do the social media course straight afterward.”

“GetSmarter equips you with the knowledge and skills to pursue your chosen career path and aid you in your quest for lifelong learning.”new professionalJess says she enjoyed most the search engine optimisation (SEO) module in the digital marketing course. “SEO is central to successful marketing in reaching and converting potential customers.”

A self-described millennial,  Jess understands the power of social media and the importance of businesses having a strong presence of these platforms.

“On the Social Media course I enjoyed learning how to use Facebook and Instagram to market a product and how each platform is used in its own unique way when reaching out to customers.”new professional

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