Jun 26, 2018

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Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme Participant Testimonials

The world is at a tipping point – where mass commercialisation of blockchain is about to begin. Instead of playing catch-up, you can be one of the few that help to pioneer this field and adopt a winning blockchain strategy for your business.

This six-week programme is presented entirely online by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in collaboration with GetSmarter, and will equip you to:

  • Understand what blockchain is, and how it works
  • Share insights into how blockchain will affect the future of industry, and of your organisation
  • Use the knowledge you learned to incorporate blockchain into your business strategy
  • Collaborate and interact with an international cohort of business leaders, and in a smaller group of peers with similar interests to you

They’re motivated to become future-fit leaders, much like yourself. Here are their testimonials about the course:

Anand Ramachandran
Transformation Leader, IKEA

“Great programme in terms of relevance. The programme balances the application and the supporting technology well. The quality of the content from various industry practitioners and the faculty is great. I am a net promoter of the programme.”

Gurjit Singh
Senior Vice President, Dubai World Trade Centre

“The programme enabled me to understand Blockchain and its existing and potential applications. The concise and affordable nature of the programme made it easier to involve oneself into the learning journey and this coupled with the diversity it offered in the collaborative project group work with other participants was very enriching.”

Bettina McDermott
International Sales Director

“I especially liked the variety of tutors/lecturers who delivered very varied content. Thus, a wide spectrum of blockchain related topics was covered by the course.”

Miguel Prados Rodriguez
CEO, Comunitaria.com

“It’s a valuable program that gives you a very good framework to investigate whether blockchain is of use to your current business and how to go further investigate its applications. Highly recommended.”

Yat Wing Lee
Cofounder, Hashreader

“The blockchain programme was a great experience and in particular (i) the real-life corporate and entrepreneur perspective provided (ii) the teamwork opportunity (iii) the structure and framework for people looking at blockchain 101 type education. Most importantly, the program has inspired me to establish a new blockchain startup, www.hashreader.com, which focuses on building an education community for blockchain technology. It has been a truly rewarding experience.”

Joseph Olewitz
Founder and CEO, V-CRO

“The quality and value-for-money of the programme were excellent. The information was delivered in easy to digest, bite-size segments and the presentations from industry guests who are steeped in practical experience – as opposed to listening only to professors with an academic knowledge – was powerful and eye-opening.”

Rodrigo Caldas de Carvalho Borges
Partner, Lucas de Lima e Medeiros (LLM) Law Firm

“Great course. Highly recommended to anyone that is considering Blockchain to its business. It was a great experience. Worth every night and weekends of study.”

Jose Ramon Irisarri Escolar
Owner, Iris Investments SPRL

“I was excited about blockchain before this programme, and I have found a well-structured, practical, easy to follow and complete for a somebody curious about it and willing to explore the potential and possibilities of such technology.”

Rune Bentien
BD Manager, Chrome Enterprise, Google Cloud

“Overall the programme helped me establish a strong understanding of the world of DLT/blockchain – especially at this moment in time it has helped filter away noise and allow to focus on the topic based on research and leading subject matter experts.”

Erol User
President and CEO, USER Corporation


Xiaoyu Cai
Postgraduate student at Imperial College London

“Overall the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme gave me a wonderful experience to enjoy learning new knowledge online. The programme is very friendly to green hands in the area of blockchain. In addition, the structure designed, time slot and teamwork are all beneficial.”

Nikolet Zwart
Owner of BioLegal and Chairwoman, CERES Food Security

“A structured and hands-on approach to a wide-ranging subject. The teachings and views of different stakeholders illuminated the broad range of possibilities that Blockchain offer.”

Bruno Ahualli
CEO, Photon Group

“The learning experience was great. I felt like I had Blockchain experts in my living room chatting and sharing perspectives and that felt very enriching.”

Simon Watson
Regional Finance Manager Asia

“This course provides practical models frameworks and analogies that allow you to deeply discuss the potential of blockchain solutions.”

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