Jun 20, 2018

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The Oxford Fintech Programme: A Hub For Innovation

The online Oxford Fintech Programme not only offers industry-leaders and fintech pioneers as Convenors and Guest Lecturers, relevant and contextual knowledge, and a world-class certification from a top-tier university, but also the chance to network and connect with fellow participants from across the globe.

This eight-week programme gives participants the chance to develop the skills, knowledge, and network connections needed to take a fintech startup from concept to execution. For some, this can turn into more than a programme assessment.

An idea which had been brewing in the mind of GIG9 Founder and CEO, Misha Malik, became reality when it was nurtured, developed and expanded on by seven of her fellow Oxford Fintech group members.

What does GIG9 do?

GIG9 found its niche in establishing a direct connection between users and local service providers. It provides a personal touch and allows users to get the job done locally.

GIG9 has utilised the combined power, efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of the advanced technologies of GPS, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, to bring forward location-based tracking and a democratised feedback mechanism.

Watch GIG9 Founder and CEO Misha Malik, and Cedric Loyens, GIG9 Investor Relations Officer discuss who GIG9 is, and what they aim to do.




GIG9 is the world’s first blockchain-based skill sharing platform, dedicated to empowering local communities.


The foundation behind this idea was developed at the Oxford Fintech Programme, in collaboration with GetSmarter, where we met as executives from diverse backgrounds, but all of us having the same interest in changing the world for the better.


So whenever you need some human help with anything, no matter how big or small, GIG9 enables you to quickly and easily connect to the nearby skilled providers of that service. With each transaction being handled by blockchain and a hatched escrow system – making it a fully autonomous trading platform.

You can even make instant payments using cryptocurrencies. We have our very own utility token – 9 Coin, and that is highly liquid and tangible. It’s based on the real services exchanged.

GIG9 will empower people to have financial independence, by reinventing their potential, and creating opportunities, thereby disrupting the 2 trillion dollar sharing economy.


Everything that we learned through this Fintech Programme helps create the wonder that is GIG9 today.

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